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Metacognition; Thinking about thinking.It's all I ever do, it’s the only way I ever started this healing. Look, an addict is always an addict. I never asked to be fixed, but your love is something I need. I just can’t go on without it. I did the drugs and boy it was rough, after the warm feelings and illusions thinking it was all love. I thought the substances were enough, it was never enough. Locked up in hand cuffs, always questioning whether or not the next hit is ever going to be enough.  It’s never enough. Every relapse I lose the trust of friends and family, it drove me to losing control and driving right into that tree. I didn’t want to be, I just wanted my title to be “deceased” Only leaving me to thanking my brother for looking out for me. Please tell me, what and where am I suppose to be! It’s something I just can’t seem to see.. My lovely flower, I regret this completely. Dad, Shay, mo and EJ will you please forgive me. I mean those words, sincerely.. Signed, Those Meaningful Words


  • Apr 03, 2023

  • Apr 03, 2023

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