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She felt safe for the first time in well…ever.
Thinking back to the painful past,
Dead ends and lost loves,
None ever made her feel the way he did.

From the words he said to how he touched her,
there was something so different
About him in so many ways..
That she was at a loss for words to describe.

Able to be completely free, be herself and always safe,
He was her sanctuary, her safe place,
Her respite from the storms of life,
And she could think of nothing else better.

At the end of her days, past the hard times,
When nothing else would go right,
She knew that he was always waiting
To hold her tight and love her fiercely.

There was a time before she needed no one,
When she was strong proud and free..
Until he came one day and turned her world
Upside down and now, all she needed was him.

Time suspended In his embrace,
a love so strong and a passion so intense
That she knew she’d spend the rest of her days
Loving him the way she was always meant to do.


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