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I can feel my body screaming but I’m not moving;
I can hear them all yelling; WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP. But I can’t 

I see a figure over me. It’s not even a question of if there’s a presence. It’s only a question of who is it this time. I can feel the presence of a young girl. I never learn their name. I never get a sign of who they are. Only a glimpse of what they look like 

She’s angry and terrified She Grabs my hands. Then I start To see her memories. 

The memories come to me as dreams. 

I’m in a old house. I see a Christmas tree and porcelain dolls set up on this antique shelf. 

I look down and I see my feet. I’m  in a green dress and I get a glimpse of my hair. Gold blond. 
I Neal down to hide behind the couch. I hear dishes breaking And my parents screaming at each other. 

I’m scared. I tuck my head into my lap and close my eyes. I wrap my hands around my knees. 
I start to feel the bruises. I realize my bodies in pain. 
: At this point I realize, I am In this girls Body.
I can hear me, myself trying to understand her.

I was so confused. It’s like we were both in her body talking to each other. 

I start feeling The sensation of pain on the sides of my stomach. Her thoughts weren’t quiet. 


The dream Changes now I’m still her but I’m at the top of a bridge. I look down and jump. 

Before I hit the floor, I wake up. 


  • Mar 30, 2023

  • Mar 30, 2023

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