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Waking up, that's what this all feels like right now.
It's the only way I can explain it.
They all never gave up on me, I pushed them there because I gave up on myself.
A deep fear of falling in love again, none of you are wrong. 

I never healed, it's all my fault.
Nothing else matters right now, just this.
All the words I have, are coming through,
It's crystal clear, no orb needed.

So for now, I'm going back to trebles,
Where I opened up to someone for the first time,
Where I believed in myself.
Then to where the light first went dim.

I'm doing this, I'm healing, I'm done drowning in this pool of self hate. 
I've ruined every last relationship without ever starting them.
I've hurt a lot of people, and been hurt just the same.
This darkness won't consume me, not anymore.
I'll prove it, I'll keep fighting, I'll live because I truly want to this time around. 
No more caving in. 


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    Mar 28, 2023

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