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Yeah, it's like you read my mind
Even though we haven't talked for so long...
Lies because I'm afraid, you've no clue how truthful that is. 
I know I let it kill me
Forced to break the other part of me...
I don't think you understood where I was
But that's on me because I didn't explain. 

I felt so alone after us,
I tried and I tried, but no one was ever you.
You hoped I'd compare them, and I did
I've never felt again the level of love we had.

I know I should have never given up
But you were so angry with me
I felt like you wanted nothing to do with me
So I stayed home most days too. 
Then you say I only came because the money,
But that's not true, it was always getting to see you
And I should have told you that, but anger had already taken root and I was lost inside myself. 
We never fought until after we were broke up.
It still baffles me because of how much we both changed when I listened to them...


  • Mar 27, 2023

  • Nov 05, 2023

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