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   I know there an amount of people that get “broken” due to situations/relationships that they’ve been thru in their life. It’s understandable but in my opinion “I feel like that’s no reason to give up, just how there was certain person or situation that broke you, there’s also someone or something that can heal you.” It’s up to one itself to decide whether to heal or not. You should never judge someone based on what others have done or say. Judge a person for who they are themselves everyone is different. Don’t let go of someone/something good in your life just because you feel that you will ruin it, keep an open mind, just because someone else harmed you it didn’t mean everyone out there will. Give yourself plenty of chances, don’t let that rock in your shoe stop you from success.


  • Great opinion.

    Mar 27, 2023

  • wonderful choice of words. this is EXACRLY just what i needed to hear/read. all of us humans are thrown a few curve balls in our lives and knocked down once or twice but that is no reason to just throw your a hands up in the air n give up....we must oick ourselves uo off the ground n dust ourselvss off n keep our heads held high n our faith string in thw belief rhat things will get better....those situations are exactly what makes us or breaks us....doing the best we can to continue our lives is what matters n what keeps us going. so dont let one person or thing break u.....let u be you n show the world u can get through anything and live ur life the way you want to not the way someone else tries n makes u.....~Amanda K. Sjoblom~ 449 lick creek road dover, tn 37058 931-441-1620 931-305-9403

    Mar 27, 2023

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