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Yeah, I’ve been down those hard roads and I’ve had my heart broken, my hopes crushed and my light darkened..
And I’m still here-
Still standing.
Still strong.
I’ve heard all the things they’ve said about me and all the painful words they’ve thrown at me trying to cut me..
But those are the things will ever slay the heart of me.
I know all the words, heard all the hurt and felt all the pain..
And I learned from all of it.
I grew from each insult.
I evolved from every painful experience.
I refused to be defined by the storms of life.
That’s just part of the journey.
It’s up to me to get up and rise again or stay down and give up.
No, they don’t know me- not the ones that would tell anyone that would listen that they do..
They’ve never walked in my shoes nor faced my battles.
I’m stronger for the struggles and I’m softer for the love..
I’m a perfectly balanced contradiction of rugged strength and soft love.
I may not always know the right thing to say or do, but I figure it out as I goost times.
And yes, I get it wrong a lot.
But that’s the thing about me:
I get back up, keep showing up and keep fighting.
Don’t you dare let anyone tell you how to shine, live or love..
And especially not who you are.
I didn’t.
And that has made all the difference for me in this world..
A soft heart and strong will in a world that can be cruel and harsh.
We can do this.
Together, one day, one step and one dream at a time.
It’s a beautiful thing to open your eyes to the light when you finally realize..
“I can do this.”


  • Mar 26, 2023

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