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This life has been hard
And I'm so very tired
Of swimming upstream
All tied up in wire 
Like a turtle at sea
Wrapped in man's plastic
Fighting the tides
Each day something drastic
It's just so exhausting
The depths look inviting
Just sink into the darkness
And give up the fight
But that's not an option
I'm warrior made
My heart made of fire
My soul is a blade
I'll cut through the wire
I'll make it to shore
I'll rise like  lightening
And shake the world to its core
Cuz giving up isn't in me
My whole life's been a war
Thanks for the reminder
Of what I'm fighting for
To shine light in the darkness
And bring hope with the same 
Soul survivors don't give up
We're ahead of the game
Because we're survivors
Of all life has thrown
And though we stand separate
We're never alone.


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