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It’s all dreams that wait to find us 
As we scamper ,skitter and scramble through the ramparts of the broken bridges that once defined our path.
Only the ties of friends and family truly bind us .
Yet even then ,there is no equation , map or destination writ ; to help simplify the math. 

One day the trees became black and white and the sky lost its hue , 
I looked into the memories of the past and saw your eyes , remembering what made the color blue .

Hold onto the memories , my mind echoes with those words 
They are sung for you
 Left in my heart for sadness or reveries , just the songs of sweetness and springtimes birds cuddled in a nest of eggs emanating it’s hue. 

Remember you and remember me 
For an instant we were one
forever together and never apart 
Or death has finally won .


  • Mar 26, 2023

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