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Deep inside the well of dreams beneath the lucid waters 
Swimming in an endless stream of past and present 
There within lies all things remembered and forgotten by all life’s sons and daughters 
Melding together all experience and passion with love so effervescent 
It’s inconceivable for most to make a path so slippery pleasant 
The line between fear and regret is thin at best and never truly set 
flip through the pages of time as if a record has been kept 
Yet indeed there is no such telling of one’s story
All the moments of happiness and regret , times of joy and sorrow when we wept 
Only to swim deeper can one truly understand , as we push our feet off of the tried and true land 
Into the abyss of emotion that is life 
Can we understand the heartache , joy , anger, and strife
Wander on , swim deeper , let the water flow and perhaps then you can touch the edge of the infinity that makes it so.


  • Wow, this one's great too.

    Mar 26, 2023

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