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The taste is impossible to describe 
Slick and sweet like a fine wine 
Yet those who have chosen to imbibe
Can no longer afford to purchase a refreshment so fulfilling and fine .

The feeling as it slides inside your body 
Filling inch by inch of existence with its warmth and the feeling of embrace so secure .
The machine not uncared for or shoddy ,
Let us hope it still carries its miraculous allure .

Drip drop on the window pain as the tears fall from  the sky ,
Tick tock as the grandfather clock needs winding.
Slick and slippery is the slope when questions are followed only with a sigh . 
Answers are there ;only for those who are dedicated to their finding .

Clouds are flowing through the sky and gather overhead 
The wind rushes in from the south and cuts through all to feel or see .
These  bones feel brittle and filled with winters dread
No one left to witness the finality of this voices plea .


  • Mar 26, 2023

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