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I'll wait, as long as it takes I'll wait.
You're right about everything. 
You're why I can't sleep at night most times, you're why I cry, you're why I can't love anyone else. 
All this weight, I can barely walk upright anymore. 
I love you, I love you, I love you, I want to scream it from any mountain, I love you as I always have, it's clear as day and I'm certain.
All this love I bottled up for you, I just want to open it and never have to put it back. 
This is finally it for me, the point of no return.
I'm tired of failing people because I never got over losing you. 
You're the reason I ever picked up a pencil again. 
I'm sick of these lies I tell myself...
I'm tired of feeling depressed, over anxious, tired, and playing pretend.
All I need is just a hug, one so hard I lose my breath for a few seconds or even minutes, I promise I'll never let go again. 
I forgive myself, I forgive myself, and it's been the hardest thing to do to date. 
I lost sight of what was most important, love...
I'm sorry I failed us, I'm sorry I failed you, and I'm sorry I failed me.
I forgive myself, and I'm ready to finally just breathe.


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