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I've had a lot of moments, crying into this pillow.
It might not be the same pillow, but I cried all the same.
The past 15 years, I tried to replace you, even more self hate came, I became narcissistic, and then ran myself so far down I became unstable. 
I wanted nothing more than to hold you too, and I should have. I gave up on me after caving to their demands. I was lost in all of it, I tried so hard to show you I loved you and never stopped, but you being forced away again was terrifying. 
Telling you the truth, what I was going through, how I really felt at that time instead of forcing myself to believe we'd never be okay again. 
I just want to be happy...
More and more I hear as I listen. 
Some lines being what I've said.
I've found you, but we're nowhere near each other now, and I'm so brutally broken these days from years of trying to replace what I already had with you.
If you love me, I'm ready, I don't want these shoulders to get any heavier.
I'm lost without you, and it's time I admit it. 


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