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When we met, I didn’t know who you were,
But there was just something about you,
Something I couldn’t place or figure out,
Like I’d always known you or loved you before.

The more we wrote n talked, the more we felt,
The deeper our connection grew..
The more I realized that you were familIar,
The closer we grew almost instantly.

As I look into your eyes, the more we touch,
That’s when I felt so in tuned to who you are,
Not like I am getting to know you,
But that I am remembering who you are,
And who we once were.

As crazy as it seems, strange as it sounds,
I know I’ve loved you before,
In countless lifetimes and places once lived,
And I’ve known and loved your soul.

In each whisper, every smile and each kiss,
I’m reminded impossibly of a truth
That can’t be true but very much is.
We were always meant to be and always
Have found our way to each other.

In another time, place and existence,
I have known, loved and been bonded to you-
Heart, soul, mind and body..
We are one, now and forever.

Across the times past and future,
Our hearts have been irrevocably connected,
Soulmates and partners linked without fail,
Finding each other against all odds in each place.

And a love so beautiful-
That even now, I cry tears of joy
Knowing that I have been loved by you.
And there’s nothing more than I want..
Than to love you, for now and always.


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