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When that house of cards you're building
Falls down around your soul
And all the dreams you thought you'd make
Fall far short of your goals
When the one you love just walks away
After seeing all your truths
How you thought you could just have your cake
And also eat it, too
Don't think you can just reach for me
Like I'm standing at your side
I warned you that your house would fall
When you built it with your lies
But you didn't want to listen
You had money and sex on your mindYou got good at hiding your cheating lines
All that glitters doesn't feel
And when truth knocks it all down
Don't pretend you didn't know
Just what you were doing
When you were putting on the show
Looking for a sugar daddy
From somewhere far away
Like no one here would ever know
And everyone would stay
My heart breaks a little for you
Cuz you couldn't understand
You already had everything
Till you dropped it from your hand
And though I'll never tell your truths
My lips forever sealed
I always knew that day would come
Because you never healed.


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