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part 1
Not sure when our union broke
Where the words began to choke
Or how big the chasm 'tween 
Good old friend like us has been
But, I know just like of old
My soft heart you still parade
With rough words that on your spell
Smooth like cheese will 
Flow with ease

You define my inner self
Out to friends I won't have told
My feelings, in colours bold
Too you paint the world to see
I feel naked every time
We commune, you need to leave

And you still remain the same
Ageless as my years we count
Wisdom I know comes with age
True for me but you I doubt
Same wry smile via many a year
You and I have quarrelled here

T'was a nice re-match old friend
Game of old friends just re-joined
Guess again you win this gig
But you still must take the jog

At my age I need a face
Tranquil to look like a sage
And you know beside your wit
Calmness is a gift you lack

Friend, you must now pick your bags
Though I fear you go with tales
Vivid snapshots of my fears
Tears and joys you've spied for years

Tales that I too now must sit
Audience yours as you narrate
For the wind and learn about
Me from ballads long and odes 
To a Good Old Friend  
All From a Poem

M.Idris & Joeli©


  • Mar 24, 2023

  • Mar 24, 2023

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