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  5 years ago, I went to sleep. I've never woken up. 5 years ago, I could've told you the adventures I went on with my dad, traveling around the world. Everyday, then, was different. It was safe and everyone was your friend. 5 years ago you didn't need to look over your shoulder to be sure you were safe; to make sure the ones you called friends were actually your friends. 5 years ago... you didn't need to check twice if they were human, Thing, human and thing hybrids, or a man made.

  5 years ago... you didn't need to check twice before falling in love with your friend.


  "They're at it again." Commented the bar tender. He has a scar over his right eye. A deep cut on his left cheek. If you wanted to know what he meant; Thing was at it again. Thing... They're not all ruthless, but none are good.
  "If I weren't stuck in a chair with wheels, I'd be in the moonlight helping my fellow traitors." I shook my head and smiled.

  Thing has been here for 5 years. Thing have killed millions of us. Well not, 'us', humans. They've killed, are killing, millions of humans. The bartender slid a glass of apple juice to me. He began going on about the state of things currently while cleaning a glass and smoking a cigarette. War. Famine. Genocide. Slavery and more. I tuned him out. 


  A dozen Thing officers began pouring into the bar. They began demanding the humans to get on the floor. I continued drinking my apple juice, ignoring their directions. The bartender didn't listen either. Thing began punching and kicking people in the ground. They show no mercy to humans. They notice the bartender and I not on the ground. The bartender is confined to a wheelchair, when he said "'chair with wheels,'" that's what he meant. They pulled out his chair onto the ground, and forced me to the ground.

  They started lining up the humans, including me. From the corner of my eye, a little girl was separated from the group. She was crying. I noticed she had a collar around her neck, chains on her wrists, and a number on her upper arm. She was a slave. 


  A body fell to the ground.
  "Pepl hoo prtisipat n ilegl gathrings r punishd. Bi deth!" Stated on of the officers. 

  Bars and drinking were prohibited when Thing took over. Law and order were changed. I kept staring at the little girl. She was crying. I turned away.

6 Rules:
1. Don't get attached
2. Do not show feelings
3. Look away
4. Do not get involved
5. Worry about yourself, no one else
6. Trust NO ONE

  I don't care much for humans.
  "She'll be fine," I thought to myself, looking at her again. She looked at me. My heart started beating fast. She turned around and moved her hair to the front. I saw red... She wasn't an ordinary slave, she was a sex slave. A Thing officer grabbed her by her collar.

  "I don't care much for humans... Nor do I care for your kind either, Thing," I said hardly but quietly getting up, "but I'll be damn if I sit by and watch you and everyone else hurt this little girl even more!"

  Thing threw the little girl to the side. They all brought their attention my way. Guns loaded; eyes locked on me. Growling and breathing heavily.
  "Who do u thenk u r?" Asked one of the Thing officers. I looked up, my vains started to show up and down my arms.


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