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No more running for cover, that's new for me.
I'll put everything that's left into believing I'm not as worthless as I feel.
Into listening more and talking less.
Into taking care of myself better, hygienically and emotionally. 
Into thoughts about her, and them, to do better.
Into love, faith, and hope, the three things I lost within myself in the first place. 
Into giving my time willingly rather than being this hermit I've become that only leaves the house once or twice a month.
Into being different, not indifferent.
Into trusting more than I have been.
Into accepting a hug with no expectations.
This list can get longer, I've been in a bad way for a long time, lots to work on, with no idea how much time is truly left to do so. 


  • Mar 24, 2023

  • Mar 24, 2023

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