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I had a choice between making you happy and saving myself and finally, I chose myself.
I don’t think you ever really understood what it meant to love me the way I needed and that’s okay, we all meet people that aren’t meant for our forever.
You’ll always have a special place in my heart, but that’s where you belong, not in my life.
Somewhere along the way, as our relationship was dying, it was slowly killing me too.
Trying to be everything for you was an impossible task and it was never fair to me.
I stopped trying to be happy and started living for your needs, wants and desires.
I loved you so much that I thought that would make everything better..
Only it did just the opposite.
The more I did, the more you expected.
I killed myself for us, and I wonder how if you ever really loved me at all.
Perhaps I was a love of convenience, need and situation, but it doesn’t really matter anymore.
It wasn’t just your fault the way things happened, it was mine for letting it happen.
But the farther we get, the nastier you got and more you demanded..
And that’s not love at all.
It’s many things, but not love..
So, I know you’ll never understand why I’m leaving and you’ll be angry for a long time, but
I am walking away for me..my life,my happiness and my freedom.
I haven’t been happy in a long time, but that’s not your fault, it’s mine..
So I’m owning that and taking responsibility for my life..
And taking back my voice, my courage and finding my way again back to the person I used to be.
It’ll take time, tears and sleepless nights, but I’ll get there.
I learned a lot about love from us..but mostly what I would never be okay with again.
I know now just what I never want my life to be again, so I thank you for showing me that truth.
I don’t think I would have found it on my own.
I hope you find happiness and freedom from your pain, but most of all, I hope you find peace.
I know I will..
One day, one hope, one dream at a time,
I’ll get there.
And I can’t wait to open my eyes one day and smile..
Knowing that I’m happy with my life again.
I’ve got this.


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