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It’s not her words that will tell her story.
It’s the quiet storms behind her eyes that protect her truths.
She may say very little sometimes because she says so much more in how she looks at you, the expressions of her  emotions.
Her quiet resolve and burning intensity tells the  battle that she often fights inside.
The worries,
The fears.
The insecurities and doubts that she faces every day.
She wonders if she’s enough..
If she is a good person and if people like her.
Things she knows she shouldn’t care about..but can’t help but worry about.
Her mirror shows her every imperfection that plagues her confidence.
She just wants the simplest of things in the most complex ways:
To be loved, to feel worthy, to be appreciated and respected.
She fights battles that most never know about in ways they’ll never understand.
Most of all,
She’ll hide her silent worries beneath a happy smile and an upbeat laugh.
She’ll cry quickly when no one is looking and wipe it away just as swiftly.
Most will never know the hurt she buries just to be happy and find her joy.
She’s strong, resilient and prideful - she doesn’t want anyone’s pity or judgement.
She’s a mess more often than not, though most would never know.
She wants to be understood though she doesn’t even understand herself sometimes.
She knows she can be a disaster and she’s okay with that.
She reminds herself often that she’s strong, she’s beautiful and she’s going to find her way.
But if you ever look at her and wonder just who she is and what’s she thinking,
start with everything she doesn’t say.
After all, she says it best when she says nothing at all.


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