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No, GOD, no
Don’t leave me here
No, GOD, no 
All i see is fear
With the ways of the world 
And the demise of our faith
Will we see Jesus
At the end of days

And we wander too and frow 
Searching for some kind of peace
Hoping for a better day
As we fall to our knees

Some of us are hurting
Some of us are healed
Some of us are helping
Some of us are kind

Are we doing enough 
To save us from ourselves
Are we doing what we’re told
Circled in a labyrinth hiding in the cold

No, GOD, no
Don’t leave us to ourselves
No, GOD, no
Don’t say we don’t obey
We cry out for forgiveness
We cry to you for love
We ask to be made whole again
To be with You above

But here we sit and wait
For the time to draw near
Surrounded by our thoughts
That drive our mind to fear

May we find the strength
To overcome our lives
May we see the truth
Hidden by their lies

When the eyes that we see with
Finally see the truth
Of how our lives were bought
Before we found our youth

And the plan put in place
Perfection formed by GOD
Jesus on the cross
Redemption of sins 


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