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My sexi man, 
As I look in your eyes,
I get lost in the love coming from my heart.
Our souls connect in those moments,
And the world just melts away... 

I can think of nothing but you,
And how you’ve changed me.. 
You’ve shown me what real and undying love
truly means as we take each day hand in hand and
side by side... 

There’s something special about us
That words don’t even begin to describe,
As I’m overwhelmed by the feelings 
That remind me daily how blessed I am.

I don’t need fairy tales or fancy promises,
I have you.
You’ve shown me a world I never knew
And made me feel whole in ways 
I never could have imagined.

As each day dawns i look over at you and it 
fills my heart and soul with a abundance of love
that calms my spirit, feeds my soul and electrifies my heart.
Me, you, us- that is all I’ll ever need.

Whatever life brings us, 
Whatever challenges come our way,
I know that together, we can climb any mountain
and stand tall in  the same rain that sought to tear us apart.

So know that with every breath 
That fills me and every feeling that sweeps over me,
I know that I’ve found my place in this world,
That place is In your arms, where I’ll always call home.

Until the sun sets on our beautiful life, I’ll spend those moments loving you…
Forever until time is no more..
And then I’ll find you in the next life.
Because we were always meant to be...


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