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Fuck man, I'm blasting off, four fins, that's a rocket.
Another head case, space ghost, and the dark side's a little too shady. I'm dropping off Doplar, flying in hot because the void has no gravity. Yeah, I'm counting down steadily, three... two... one..., there goes the readily.

I'm knocked off course from one fucking hull breach and I gotta make a leap or it's the fucking end of me. The air is low, but still I flow, until I latch on then catch a case of fuck am I hungry, wait, maybe I'm not, another false alarm because I wasn't able to breathe us in regularly. 

Yeah, that's full course, but truly it's mostly a source. Fuel for the engine because, somehow someway, I've gotta start holding my horses or it's curtains and I'm left floating in space fucking breathless. 


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