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I couldnt tell you the first thought when my eyes met yours..
Only that I was overcome with a feeling I had never before known.
It was so much deeper than love or desire..
As the time seemed to slow and moments seem to suspend, I realized that my soul had known yours for so very long..
Maybe forever.
Perhaps in past lives or lifetimes spent together..
I felt I had always known you.
My heart saw yours and in that instant, every part of me smiled with joy.
I could no longer discern where you stopped and I started..
Nor did I care,
Everything that I'd known, everything that I had wanted and everything that I was..changed when our gaze met and souls collided.
The familiarity of love come full circle beckoned me to that place of happiness.
Hopefully we hadn't taken too long to find one another from the broken roads we’d traveled..
Looking into your eyes, the familiarity of you and the things that are you crept into my heart and deepest part of my soul..
And all I could do was smile.
All I could do is feel.
And mostly…
I just wanted you.
But It was more than love, 
It was more than desire or even need... 
It was forever.
And when you lose yourself in that essence of pure and intimate love that you hope is without end
Everything seems to change... 
And in the end, it was you and
It will always be you..
And until my last breath, I will never let you go..
And even then,
I’ll find you in our next life.
True love stories never end.


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    Mar 19, 2023

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