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If only life was a trip, and didn't have to be lived
I would set out on a fateful dusk
Take the rear of a train or some husky bus
And would watch out the faint darkness of dawn
Crispen into soft clear day morn

Still in the vehicle of fate
I would squint at the other road users
Maybe more clearly at the one
Who didn't know how or when to face,
I would imagine my life in his
And then hiss it would never have been

Life could be shallow at least;
But these, full of plenty of histrionics.
Each body is living as profound a life
As the other one sitting next to him

If only life was a trip
I would prefer to stay on board
And never alight,
 Nor be fully involved
In the dramatics of humanity.
But I'd tell the driver -God.
To make it just a spectacle!


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