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I’ll never tell you that I wake up every day thinking about how I can tackle all my challenges and obstacles.
I know that there’s good in each day even if it doesn’t feel like it.
It’s up to me to find those silver clouds. 
I know there are always days when I don’t want to get out of bed, then there's the times I might cry in the shower for no reason and days when nothing at all goes right.
That’s just part of life.
I can choose to be reduced by it or grow from it.
I’ve spent too much time running from the hard stuff and being a victim.
I’m done with that life.
It’s not good enough for me to know the path, I have to walk it.
I need to know that I’m working towards becoming the person in meant to be. 
So that’s exactly what I’m doing.
One moment, one chance, one day at a time.
There are moments where I feel like I can conquer anything..
And other times, even the smallest thing makes me fall apart.
But I know that this is just part of the journey.
It’ll never be all rainbows and sunshine, but it’s definitely not all misery and storms.
There will always be hard days and some that are easier..
But it’s how I react to each day that makes me who I am..
And I’m seizing every opportunity to make the best of whatever comes my way.
I’m not defined by what others think of me, but rather how I choose to see myself.
I’ll never try to be something I’m not.
I’ve tried that and it hasn't  worked for me.
No, I’m not only closing the chapter on what I’ve done, the mistakes I’ve made and the bad choices I’ve made..
I’m starting a whole new book.
That doesn’t mean I’ll forget the past because it’ll forever be part of me-
It’s made me who I am and those lessons are important if I’m ever going to learn, grow and evolve..
I’m breaking the pattern and try day is a new chance, a new opportunity and a great day to keep moving forward and working towards being the person that I know that I can become.
I know it’ll be hard and sometimes painful, but nothing worth having comes easy.
But I’m worth it…
I’m worth so much more than what I’ve allowed myselflll
Proud of the things I’ve overcome and most of all,
Proud of the person that I’ve become.
I could’ve done anything when I got knocked down..
But I choose to bloom brighter in the darkest days.
That is the road I’m walking and the future I’m choosing.
It may not be beautiful, always bright or perfect…
But it’s real, it’s meaningful and it’s all me.
That’s all I could ask for.
The truth finally did something it never did before:
It set me free.


  • Mar 19, 2023

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