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I never even knew you were here too when I started writing.
I really did'nt.
Goes to show how insync we are. 
At least you know the truth now.
You know now I never chose him over you.
I can't let you go thinking I did.
Sorry for making you so sad.
You should be happy and do what makes you happy.
You deserve that and so much more.
Yes I will always love you.
Working with tears streaming down my face nonstop.
Not easy.
I have been crying so much for so long, that
I don't think the oceans can contain my tears.
Always taking the goodbyes.
All these years.
Still, I will never give up.
I will try to find happiness someway and the strength to keep going.
No matter what.
You know I always do.
But I will always think of you with tears in my eyes
and sorrow in my heart.
Everytime something reminds me of you too.
That would never change.
I'm too sensitive.
That's just who I am.
Forgive me.
Maybe one day we will see each other again. 
Maybe when we are old and grey.
Maybe not.
But wherever you are,
wherever you go,
I hope you are safe and happy.
While I find comfort in writing.
If there are some days that you miss me too much, you will know how to find me.

For now 
I'm taking a long break.



  • Mar 18, 2023

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