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As I turned and watched you walk away, I fought the tears back as the memories of us flashed through my mind.
The good times and the bad, the joy and the pain, the love and the laughter..I saw it all.
It made me sad and happy at the same time as my heart felt like it was exploding. 
I now know that sometimes, you have to cherish the good memories and let the bad stuff go..
I want to remember us and smile, because all the bad things won’t do me any good to keep reliving..
Definitely not the sadness that our pain will bring back.
I don’t know how we got to this place, where we lost our way from the love that was once so amazing.
We celebrated the good times and stood together during the hard days, but in the end, what we had just wasn’t meant to be.
I’ll always love you and you’ll forever have a place in my heart, but as they say, sometimes love just isn’t enough.
We could never communicate through the hardships the way we both wanted to- almost as if we spoke different languages at times.
You’d wall yourself off from me and we just couldn’t talk- maybe you just didn’t want to.
I did my fair share of things wrong, too, I know that too.. I'm not denying it. 
We can’t go back and change or undo the fights and hurt feelings, and I know  it’s for the best.
It hurts in a way that I’ve never felt, but that’s how you know you really care about someone ..
I wish sometimes, I could just turn off my heart..
But I can’t. And
I won’t.
We made the best of a passionate love that was never meant to be, and we hung on for too long to a story that was always going to end.
We loved, we fought, we tried and we failed..
But we never stopped loving, no matter how hard it got.
So, as you disappear from my sight, tears stream down my face for the memories we made together.
I can’t imagine my life without you, but now Im doing just that.
I’ll probably still cry when I hear our favorite song and sigh when something reminds me of you, but life will be different now, and I just have to accept that.
Maybe we will meet again someday and things will be different, but I won’t let myself think about that.
For now, I’m going to smile about the memories, laugh about the joy we had and celebrate a love that once was..
My days will be strange without you in them, but this is the road I must take now.
I’m going to rediscover myself and what makes me happy.
This is my time to dig deep and find my joy in all the places I stopped looking because of us.
I owe that to myself, and more than that, I owe it to me and my future.
I don’t have the answers, and I may never figure them all out, but all I can do is very simple..
I'm gonna keep my face to the sunlight and live in the moments life gives me. 
For now that will have to be enough.
One day at a time, I’ll find my way back to where I’m meant to be. 
I’ll find my happiness I once lost along the way to find my dreams.
Sometimes, the most beautiful joy comes out of the worst things if you know how to let go of the pain..
This time, I’m going to open my heart, free my mind and forever seek the light.


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