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She's the girl who loves 
the beauty of flowers
in a garden,
still untouched.
You know,
she's the girl who loves horses,
because of their tame yet wild spirit,
because of their quiet beauty and their gentle souls.
You know,
she's the girl 
who would love to snuggle with you to watch a movie,
crying at the sad parts.
You know,
she's the girl 
who would love
to watch the sunset 
and the stars
with you.
You know,
she is the girl who will follow you
everywhere and anywhere.
Because she's the girl who still believes 
in happy endings.
Even when she did'nt get
to have a happy start.
You know,
she is the girl who would
dance with you and fly with you.
Because she knows your heart.
You know,
she is the girl who would laugh with you and play with you
in the waves at the sea.
She's the girl who has always loved you,
She is the girl always watching,waiting
in the shadow.
You know,
she is the one you could wake 
at 3:am in the morning 
because she's the only one who could silence
the demons in your head
when you can't sleep.
You know.
She's the one who can turn your dakness into light.
She would be the only girl who could ignite
that fiery yet gentle passion inside
you at night.
She saw it in your eyes.
You know
because she is the one your heart has been craving for.
The one thing you have wanted more.
More than life.
You know now
You knew it then.
Everytime your eyes reflected,
Everytime your hearts connected.
You knew.
She has always been 
the love of your life.
Your Soulmate




  • Mar 17, 2023

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