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Oh my love.
I can read your words.
Over and over and never get enough.
There are not enough stars in the nightsky to give to you.
Five would never do.
Have I not told you? 
That there is nothing that you can do that will ever take away my love for you?
Have I never told you?
Have I never told you how many times I have watched certain movies
over and over.
Because I see us in every one.
All the songs that reminds me of you.
Hearing them all the time.
Every day.
I need you so badly baby.
I need you so badly.
I am waiting.
Waiting for God to make a way for us.
We still live, we still breath.
We still have everything to give.
There is hope.
When there is hope, there is a way.
There has to be.
God did'nt keep us alive this long for nothing.
He knows everything.
I know the words fake it till you make it.
But my love, we have been faking it and taking it for too long. 
Nobody buys it anymore.
I think they see right through us.
I think they have always seen right through us.
We have waited long enough.
More than 25 years.
We deserve this.
I had many chances to leave.
He said I should pack my bags and leave, but you were still married.
I had nowhere to go, so I stayed.
Because I was comfortable here.
I stayed, hoping you would reach out and make a change.
Baby, I would go anywhere with you.
Anywhere you want to take me I'll go.
Where you lead, I will follow.
I promise today.
I promise to hold you.
I will kiss all the hurt away.
I will kiss you over and over again.
Make love to you over and over again.
Making you forget that sorrow ever existed.
Making you forget the taste of your tears.
I promise.


  • Mar 16, 2023

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