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I was a proud man of my own. I'd never let anything shut me down what I loved to do, I've shown..

Writing and Acting will be the things I'll evaluate in my life to be..

That is seems I'll just need to kiss that good bye, forced to agree.

I don't want to this happen. 

Or neither a block barrier in my way. 

Though it stayed that way. 

Wouldn't move out of my way. 

Lets me  force in my darkness thoughts deep within my mind.

Having no defense or any attempts to block it to the back of. y mind,,

I'd rather leave alone. 

But  I have no choice..

 The man of my girlfriend connected of what I am  badly, becomed,  it  burned everything to the ground of what I was.

 I try to talk to her, but she wouldn't listen. Stuck to her word. Never wanted to talk to me or have any involvement  of my writing career. That I was on my own..

Now I'm lost. Without her, what I am? 

Probably nothing, not any good.…. I'm stuck….. And I 've out.……. of my mind as well cry in tears, kissing it good bye……


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