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Goodbye, my love

Don't shed a tear for me I'll promise I'll be there. 

With you and only you and nobody else there. 

We belonged together. Together forever.

 That seemed as if it was only few years later.

 Brithdays anniversaries and sexual intercourse 's we had together on some special nights, Will be the things I will still remember in my ongoing life.

Goodbye love, see you in the afterlife after I die next.

 Which won't be until it's time for me to rest. 

Killing myself just the be with you, is something I would definitely will do.

 But then if I did, what that makes me? 

Sure isn't a good thing I need to be.

Each passing  of people life's we all care about in our little own bubble dealing with these tragedies, day an years gone by  burning our  souls an heart to a boil.

Memories faded by time and time that goes by.

 Sure won't be me that'll be the next person in line. 

Goodbye, my love, I hate to see you go.
Don't weep for me babe, your husband will still be here for as long until it's time for him to go, here.

For I may never say had the chance the say goodbye may you rest in peace with your  favorite fresh from the garden red Roosevelt roses I've buyed. The  set for you to thrive. The End


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