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The Demon Voices In My Head) I own you. You should bow to me. Before I make your intentions more severe to resist then it has the be. You love powers? You love fam and becoming the best writer?

 Then, doing this for me will be all your own man, to see.  

Listen to me.  I'm here to help. Why won't you listen? I'm in your head, so you better pay attention, or I'll by force make you rebel .

Higher power of opportunity, the things of what you could of got, appling it my wishes, that I know you'll want an to witness. 

 (Me) I see it all. I don't pay at attention at it at all. 

I do me and leave everything else be. Who cares if your in my head? It doesn't clearly matter to me. I can't get rid of you? 

Yeah, keep thinking that,  you bringing me down is not what's gonna happen at all now. 

My life and my legacy will live on. 

No matter what I experienced or the voices I hear in my mind. It'll sure  will won't bother me out of it, as you at all.

 Hey, even tried several times. 

Seems as  if you after seventeen years you've been wasting your time.

 Go away I say! Before Jesus be on his way. 

I will send them through my prayer to God out of my own will. 

You will not break me,, but you can if you will.

 I promise you It's not going to work, so I advise you the do what I say, or I send you packing, burning alot along your way  to where you came from back to hell that a way.

 I'll just clear with the Latin Bible language that'll discontaminate you away,. 

 It snarled and gone away without a sight. Leaving me to be alright.  Sigh of a relief, I pleasure my self to keep. Sudden crash came to me.

Shutting my  lights down and my life plane on a surface. It  hard hurting my eyes it feel like it's blind. 

Threatens me in anger holding my neck by the collar, tight saying, when you fall, I will make sure your suffering won't last small, it'll

will  be you enjoying every last  second until I'm done with you, by the time of my blades of my  teeth, that'll enjoy eating you for like you something to eat! Poof! I was frightened, and scared, I looked on thr bright side, my wife calling to come here, at the bench with the sun illuminating so bright, instead.


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