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I succumb to sleep everyday it bringing  sweet  memories along the way.

Puts people I remember in the past, I loved so much, like it was my last..

Been there for me for as long as I known,  as much as I was there for them, on my very own..

It be tough love,, it be tough times,, it be heartbreaks, some of them as boys,, helped me without any doubt of their mind.

I never felt so better,  and felt so blessed,  man they are the best, why did it have to end like this? 

Time to griw up st some point, you right and ain't wrong,  what about the ones that's closest to you would you accept it of it to end so beyond? 

It wasn't even ten years, or even half of my whole life,, it was a few years thorugh school us tight like brothers from the same mother, sisters from the same mother, it ending with having to say  good bye, to one another.

Boy I cried, I couldn't believe it, despite,  everything we went through. The things we shared, and traded with, you having to leave out the country,  like why you have to do it?

For a better life, on out this state, well okay man, do you bro, I'm gonna stay.

I gotten all your phone numbers before you left bro out to another state, and you of all my awesome class mates on the last day of school that day.

I kept in contact for the summer for like my whole summer school year break. What breaks, was the heart within me that ache. The one  that moved on out of state phone number boy, wasn't working anymore anyway, his phone number gone. Out dated in shambles,  I felt so broken deep inside to tears, my whole world rambles.

People come go that's right, but why the closest to you, has to go them so bright? 


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