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Dark Humor Poem I  can see in the dark. Wanting to tear some one  apart. I’m a demon in the wind, no one dares to let out in sin. 

It mostly happens in the lust of greed among you humans.

Ive been caged in my tomb, hoping on prying, to break the sin out of anyone, that's daring inside their blood , can't resist the temptation they need within thier life..

You fellow, one, that put the fix to all my problems,  impatient I was, at last have some one to pry up like kettle.

You requested to be famous all the things in the world you want, like you thinking it's easy as getting metal, that aren’t free. An here you are releasing me.

Dogged on ignore all these signs how dangerous I am, and known the code to break  whole to you get me safe as sound. Broken the barrier of protection, it the only things keeping you safe now.

Doing your dirty work, as you sit there doing nothing with your life doing what you love? What do you think I am, just your puppet? Your got the wrong idea, thinking the loyalty will save you, I'll always be the same me, I don't change. I go far beyond, to get you comfortable having me om. Your gonna do it alright, an it isn’t just your soul, I’ll take you hole, to a whole other world, you amd me will both enjoy, like a troll,  The slicing and tearing of  flesh, hearing it tear an squeeze of al large blood, putting it to rest, laying splattering everywhere your fluid, I’ll enjoy sucking of it,  like a vampire, turning in into a unstable unstoppable monster.

It'll be so bad, not even your favorite spurt stars ghost  paranormal hunters,could save. Prepare for hell, the new ersa, can't be stopped or ever fulfilled,  until there is nothing else left to fill. 


  • Nov 28, 2022

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