Depression Is A Monster Read Count : 28

Category : Poems

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Depression is a monster.
That destroys both heart and soul.
It tortures without mercy
And consumes its victim whole.
No one could help you. Not without your will.
Don't let depression shut you down. 

It will hurt you mentally ill. Really 

bad like, for real.
If you wish to continue, therapy or help wouldn't help you matter what you do.

You'll turn into a monster of a serial killer, or bad person that lurks in the shadows begging for more to be done to you.

The pain, the threats. The death threats making you feel good.

On your mind your mind being now, revenge and hurting.

Your soul an heart was gone since then, there's no getting back. You lost your chance, letting the demons take it back. 

To it's still without a host. All loyal an sweet was pretty much all it hold.


  • Nov 28, 2022

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