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A dying heart never seeks for change
But rather ask help from suicide
The wounded soul finds solace in a hide out
But still reaches out to others who can not  see
The feeling is misunderstood
Which makes it seem like everything has changed
Leaving them paralytic

With the mocking and shouting everywhere
They loose a hold of themselves
The fire which is created
Burn so deeply
Causing them to bleed profusely
The wanderer gains bruises 
Just in search of where they belong

This all brought my world to a collapse
Without no one to reach out to 
I lock myself up
But then I see a hand reach out to me
Scared He might hurt me the same way others did
I refuse Him

Then He calls me by my name 
Still reaching out to me
There, I am told to give myself a chance
Because I was never created to be who I choose to be 
With those encourage I head to His call 
I reach to hold Him
He pulls me closer hugs me tighter
In His arms I feel solace and love
I begin to trust Him 
I give my life to Him
Then I write His word in my heart
Which gives courage and hope to start all over again


  • Nov 28, 2022

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