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I think I told to much of my past
Now it's just a brick you throw the glass
The glass of my eyes and the tears I shed deep

raised covels dont cry
Now told I'm a chameleon within the Deep

Never in my life did anyone say my tears were lie
Told you don't believe the shedding of my demise

Now once again stated to cry

Everyday it's I hate u to I love to hate

Everyday jealousy creeps n keeps u in hells gate

How can I love when I'm not even believed


To true indeed

Knocked on dreams and straight told not believed of more then half in my past, sorry your problems don't compare to a kid

Lost n aline 

Love I thought I finally was thrown
Instead blame n hate

Jelousy n I refuse to feel the hate

U won't get a rise from me

Bc I been thru more then u no
To the point several Dr's said to write a book on survival to my bones.

All I ever wanted was to love you but you don't want my love

And straight to my face sat I can't nor no what love is

Bc I was raped melostade and things done to me un said while said but to those who are unkown say lies from the agony in my eyes is a grow

But live was one thing I always wanted as i grew n grown

Love is one thing I no

Bc since I was 8 I begged for it every day night and beyond leaving poems at my moms phone

Freaking out at my dad to love me n leave mom alone

Never will u no me

But i will fight for my dreams

A buisness where I can make enough to start a community

A place of beauty n truth and everyone helping

I will fight for my dreams but Noone will know it.

Bc as those who succeed say don't tell ppl ur dreams or past or they will pit their opinions in n make u feel last


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