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Under some Sheep Skin 

Are notorious 

PETA Wolfs Fur’ious.

An Aggressive type 

Androgynous and 

Their Paranoid screams.

Seems to Me to be 

Just as equally 

Way over cur’ious.

Using scrolling to 

Keep calm as if that 

Is all They have left,

That is just a Quick!

Swipe screen press button

Reaction to Stress.

A very open 

Type of System where 

Girls Blue ‘Blow Boys Horns.

Sounds that choke high pitched

On black wide chalkboards 

That Irks You to hear,

Tic Tack Toe tapping

Like Revolvers from 

An unloaded gun.

Shrill click clacking 

Of a silver grip,

3..5-7 Magnum!

..As for the Bullets 

It’s in the shelf it’s 

Not a good I-dea,

Riding shotgun with 

A displeased Siamese 

Tucked up under belt.

If it was sawed off,

First chance it would run 

Away from itself.

Out  a little ways,

Then turn and try to 

Blow away itself!

That’s why the Bullets 

They in the shelf it 

Is a good I-dea.


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