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Usually I’m busy!

Very very busy,

When it comes to Watch Time.

Time in the way a Coin 

Flips when opposite side 

The same as other side.

Similarities show.

Sometime Going Downhill 

Same as Failing the Climb!

So Now I am ahead.

For this entails I am 

5 Minutes from Peak Time.

Heard loud enough to be 

Capable of causing 

Abrupt end of school cries!


Ironic the inverse 

Way that a lite snowball

Rolls fast on an incline.

Does it Matter when It’s

Not that Heavy or You 

Thinking that no one mind?

Heavy is based on It

Being capable of 

Setting off a land mine!

No time to just Stand to 

The side And watch flowers.

Grow without The hassles.

Listening the Outbursts 

Of Loud Laughing Children

Glad building Sandcastles!


But Shooters reactions!

As I am checking my 

Time Atop watchtowers.

Time in the Way a Coin 

Flips when opposite side 

The same as other side 

Similarities show 

Sometime Shooting in Rage

Same as Killing a Child!

Seems I cannot keep My

Self From falling and this 

Time set off a Land Mine!

That’s the way Bullets

Bounce round both Sharp n’ Steep 

Stared Alligator Teeth.


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