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So hear comes the heat goes 

Another one of those 

Warn Weather Conditions.

In air two moist Hands hold 

1 Sign saying No Sweat !

Black thick marker on Brown

Card Board sign interjects

In Middle of the Street, 

Woman with squeegee Will 

Wash your Windows for cheap!

Down on Her God Damn Luck,

As She goes Crisscrossing 

Her thoughts with oncoming,

Traffic stopping just to 

Spray wipe pay then lets go!


Seeing nothing thru filth.

Touch grizly feels all too 

Grungy of course and warm,

As She Wipes the windshields

Off before the noisy

Sounds like Boeing motors 

On a circular plane,

Speeding away at first 

Chance as 2 roaring round

White Eyes each side Center 

Lines To see Where all 4

Blurr as They get their chance

To meet the very tops 

Of high Sky Scrapers In 

The deep dark far distance.


When will it be Her Time?

Take the Ride and throw that

Dam bucket or any 

Signs and throw it out side!

Been safe all this time out

Sun bathing while She takes

The Necessary steps 

In this filthy practice.

So Now it is  go time!

She at The Entrance but 

Now as the Driver in 

A shiny gold Lexus.

Placing the gear in Drive,

Done pay I wanna go!

Brother please stand aside.


Looking out unstained glass 

That is as clear as day

Behind now at the Brother

Who had washed Her windows,

Out the rear view mirror.

Hand waving sign to sides

Like a Black Man Hailing 

A Cab when the TAXIS 

Pass Flashing On Duty

Drives by with out no Rides.

If She  had to do it 

Another way She said,

“ I guess that Mine would have 

Said PLEASE!! Take Me over 

The Cross Bronx Expressway “.


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