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She is an Obstacle.

Once Sin to the Blind Eye 

Patch of Jack on Pitch Flag 

Black in Front 2 crossed Bones.

Where Below deck 30

Fickle Dark Fingers Fight

Over who wants Her Pink 

Pearl for Solid Gold Coins.


Passed Hand To Hand under 

Each covered Eyelid as

The Pirates fought and fought 

And fought and fought  until,

Buyer? Sold!! In hand One holds

His tongue pressed on Pearl bit,

Then got sprayed with Fresh

Squeezed  Wet sweet Citric acid!


A string of Pleasures the Pirate Purchased and did Ingest with 

His Head tilt  and with both hands, 

He Tried on His pearl necklace.

When Held in place SheDaDouched!

His taste with Squirting Bubbly Juices Streaming Down his Face 

His Neck gone  below Her Waist!


And to think where the Blast 

Effect Was also Scent 

So efferves’ looking 

Down He finds that Buttoned 

Down is now Buttonless!

Then Pooff! and She is gone.

As well He is now packed

Among Unfamiliars.


Trapped but not in the Chain

Paid for with a Large Sum.

Butt now Un Buttoned down,

I-¢ that He’s been Changed!

From Outbox and Incock,

To Inboxing her nonstop.

He finds himself Guilty,

So He must now Confess.


True this 1 eyed Pirate 

May not be at His best,

My Sin was left Here and 

Here-where its really Hard, 

To Crucifix with Dried

Explosion on His chest.

Even tho it was Him 

That Purchased Her Pink Pearl.


A swear Most High By My

Blind Eye It was really 

Eyes that She had Possessed! 

Just Another Trinket 

Among her Treasure Chest. 

Here in her Ship-the ALL 

SALES FINAL-there Floating 

Open on The Dark Seas.


Seen just behind the Patch 

Of Jack Puffing out Her cheek.   Before laying back there 

She Blows Out  Night’s last Wax Candle and Head Down Stream!


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