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I called you brother.
That's a word I don't take lightly.
My real brother died.
He had always been my hero.
When I had nightmares as a child,
It was him I ran to.
My parents barely acknowledged me.
They were busy,
working continuously.
They did the best they could.
I came late in their lives.
They were in their 40s when I was born.
They had already had 5 children.
My mom must have been tired by then.
I would have been.
But it was my brother, 
He was the one who really raised me.
After he died,
I search for a bond like we had had.
So many lonely years.
But then there was you.
And you were protective of me,
Just like he had been. 
I had missed that safe, familiar feeling.
I loved you like a brother.
Would have done anything for you. 
I needed a brother.
You needed to be heard. 
And needed someone who cared.
When you went away to prison,
I was alone in this world again.
Life went downhill fast.
I missed my new brother so bad.
Felt like forever had past before you got out.
And then I seen your face.
It was the best feeling to hug my brother again.
I wanted your life to be filled with so much blessings.
You deserved to be happy,
And to go live your dreams.
I wanted all that and more for you brother.
I would have given you the world if I could.
I called you brother.
I don't take that lightly.. 

Lori Mack



  • Nov 20, 2022

  • Nov 20, 2022

  • Nov 23, 2022

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