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Road Rain Rattles Cause the Creaking Car axles to 

Noisily drag to a 

Near complete stop like loose Windshield wipes at 4 way,

Red lights 42nd and 9th.


On This November Ninth,

Glitters descend as the

Falling  stars in the cool 

Damp and Dark atmosphere.


A Winter reflection

Where colorful after

Shakes are seen by her in

Side a Christmas Snow globe. 


Watching Reflections while 

Struggling with a good spliff.

Whose allowing the Free

Air to keep on blowing!


Believe it or not that 

Thru The Thick Mist in High Definition are souls who

Stopped by The road  to cross 

On both sides of Ninth Ave.


Where the Dumb and the Mute

Holding a Blind man’s hand, 

Encounters a Brother 

Crossing kicking  a can. 


Kick Walk Kick Kick Kick Walk

Aluminum repeat.

In the name of James Brown,

Walk-Kick don’t change that beat!


The Closer He comes to 

The Deaf Dumb Blind Fellas,

The harder White Cane swings

Round cannon and boulders


Seems like James Brown, 

The “ offbeat kind  “ versus 

“ Blind white stick “ that’s not  

Even facing the ground!

But side to side making

Whiffle Bat type of sounds.


Until a swing hit made things

Points to a threat  level that

Recalls to mind the Day 

She read Cane killed Abel.


Penalized for waving 

White Dick at a Black Man 

Ended up all fucked up 

Dents engraved on His Can! 


Heading West to 13th Ave.

That is South Street Seaport 

Take this Can for a swim 

To see if It can float!


  • Nov 21, 2022

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