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I stare at the mirror
With rather a keen interest
I look at the image staring at me
But this Image gradually fades away
Leaving behind shattered pieces
But myself Just like this mirror i am shattered
have become a shadow of my self
had let my past hunt me
A past I know nothing of
One am not accountable to

When will all these pain all go away
When will this pieces all fall into place
This feeling seems to take eternity
I was told when bad things happen
We expect good things close by
That life moves up an down just like the zig zag
But what a lie
Life has taught me this is a lie
Yes with just these few decades I have served on earth
I have been first handedly taught so many things ,for I myself have passed through things so many

Well some say the scars will go away
Some say it will fade away
Some say it will heal with time
To pave open a way to a rectified future
Put can this really be so
For Each time I look at these scars
I am torn all over again
Taking each step back
As I am over powered by my past

What i desire
Is it really too much to ask ?
All I want is a life quite different and better
A life to be proud of, a life worth striving for ,a life surrounded by those I love and who love me
Instead I got the irony of that I wished for.
These are the message of a confused lad
Who only for a fair life asked
But In reality I guess this only exist in movies,far away in dream lands,

My body faithfully serves as the cage,my mind undeniably is the key
But still have I withheld this key
Leaving it all bottled inside,
Each thought, each feeling, each scorn ,each scar, each pain,each fear each tear
Yes I take it all in
In music i do find consolation like a friend ready to lean on
But yet has it made it only worse
As on and on my tears has told the story.

What I seek
Is it really too much to find ?
All I wanted is someone worthy of trust , someone who I could lean unto,one who I could cry unto ,someone to help share these pain , someone to help realive this burden
Will i ever find such a one
One of such qualities
Maybe not, not ever in my life time,

You there hold on to what you still have, whilst while you still have it ,
Hold on to those who make you smile
To those who make your world
To those you form your wall
To those who stand by you in wars
To all those who gives you life
To all those worth living for
Hold on tight and strong ,
For we all are not so opportuned
For even a moment to have such a feel

Yet With my short stay on earth I have come to realise
that one can't forget the scars gotten ,
Neither the mistakes made you can't end the pain ,
But yet still,one can cherish the gains of memories attained
Which in my case where all sour with pains

Here writing to you in his last days
Is a young sad confused lad
One of shattered dreams and hopes
If he survives yet another day
Will live still in disdain,
So death why not do me this , a favour .

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  • Nov 18, 2022

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