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We write yes
Here ,we all do
Some of nature
Some of creation
Some of love
Some of depression
Some of joy
Some of grieves
Well whatever we write
Whether that of the sun
Or that of the rain
That of the moon
Or that of the pain
we all have found a way to speak without interruption
A place to lay open our heart
A world that has in depth feelings,
Here we all run to this sanctuary
Which saves us from the vile and open world
A place where we rule as king and make others see our will
Completely free from all sort of wring
This world of beauty and light
Its also that of the vile and dark
The lines to tell surely is our plight
All things well we can't all be right
But yet the impact it's what makes us frank
These divergence is what brings out our
And The sanctity it does ignite in minds, which subconsciously has been refined,
What an intense world have we found ourselves.
The one ran by the hand and pen,
Working together just like a creative loom ,
Not all will believe neither will all acknowledge ,
Just save a few,whose souls in this realm dwells .
And In This poetic realm shall we pry deeper
Untill our massages are clearly perceived
And our cry greatly heard.



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