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To the party's concerned in the case of Isaiah Arrant,
 I am writing this letter in an attempt to have my sons sentence reviewed, and perhaps have the option of mental health programs considered in lieu of his considerably lengthy (although just) prison sentence.
 As a young mother of only 15, Isaiah's paternal grandparents were able to get full custody of him. Although I did try,  they were unwilling to let my family or I have any regular contact with him, therefore I was not a part of his formative years. 
At age 17 they kicked him out.
 It was then that my son came to find me.  I was so thrilled and Overjoyed by this that I failed to notice the signs of his mental health being an issue. I thought he was just adjusting, but I see now how devastating that failure to notice his need for help was. 
It impacted his freedom and impacted his life and impacted his hope for a future.
  since his incarceration I have been working tirelessly at having an amicable communication with his grandparents. So that I could find out more of his background, his mental and medical history. Apparently He was medicated as a young child.  His grandparents kept him from much interaction with the World At Large. 
He was cared for, to a point. Mostly he was ignored,  sheltered,  then thrown out. 
I am asking please let us have an opportunity to work through this. 
To have him evaluated,  and to seek the proper treatment. 
Please let him have the chance to grow grow into the person I know that he can be. 
I believe that he can be a productive and even outstanding member of society.
 if you're honor Sees Fit to give us A second chance we will do everything in our power to influence, guide, and encourage him. 
I realize that Isaiah must also be on board.  He must do the work necessary, be  present for his treatment,  And diligent in his efforts.
Everybody needs something to live for,  please let him have a chance to find out what that means.
 I Thank you for your time and your consideration in this matter.
 We await your response with positive anticipation.
                         Tia k Braack,
And family
Please see attached documents, and medical records.


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