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The Tempest 

Flood waters are rising and the shadows are closing in
I’m desperately fighting to stay afloat in this raging tempest of a sea but the current’s pulling me down to the depths below
(To the depths below )
And I’m Trying to breathe but still find myself suffocating
There's Just too much sulfur in the air
(Too much sulfur in the air)
And Not enough oxygen for me to inhale
(Not enough for me to inhale)
How can I ever survive in such a place ?

The night's growing colder and I’m bleeding from the inside out
Sinking beneath the waves though I don’t want to drown
(Don’t let me drown)
Calling out for help
Can anyone hear me?

The world's crumbling and burning all around me
 I’m spiraling out in circles 
(Out in circles )
Those torn pages and scattered ashes of my dreams are fading away in the breeze
Nothing remains and no one stays
Is there any point of trying to escape the turmoil anymore ?
Nothing remains and no ones stays
All that I love and cherish will soon be gone

And I’m still searching for signs of more hope on the horizon
Even though that shining light of salvation at the end of the tunnel seems so far out of reach 
(Out of reach )
Maybe there’s still no point in the end    
Not if my soul is already damned either way
Might have been since the day I arrived on Mother Earth 
(A perpetually fragile and inhospitable planet)
Could it finally be time to accept my tragic fate and let myself succumb to the deadly flames after all these years ?


  • I love this. Great work.

    Nov 16, 2022

  • i love this keep up the amazing work 👍=)=)=)=)=)

    Nov 21, 2022

  • Nov 21, 2022

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