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I don't feer how many you'll come

 I don't fear you have gun  axe  or machete 
 I don't fear no of shoots 
 I don't fear how high you raise the machete I don't fear stubbing of the neck chest nor  the genitalia
 I don't fear no of wounds  nor the amount of blood am going to profusely bleed
 I don't fear the acute nor chronic pain am subjected to
  I don't fear I lose my phone nor my hand Buuuut!!!
 I fear for that single Mom
I fear for that single dad
  I fear for that menopause mom  I fear for that total orphan  
I fear for that sister who loses his only sibling 
 I fear for the  lonely widow 
 I fear for that lonely widower 
  I fear for that  grandmother and grand father who loses their only grandchild
  I fear for that church that lose there priest  and pastor
 I fear for that school that loses the teacher
 I fear for that hospital that loses the doctor 
I fear for that  stomach that loses the breadwinner
 I fear for that children's home that loses the donor

# Dear thief you not killing one  you killing community in one



  • nice write up

    Nov 23, 2022

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