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He closes the door with a faint hand turning to face it as it shuts. He stares blankly at the white paint as his hand slides numbly from the door leaving streaks of red in its place. His fingers shake in time with his breathing as his eyes begin to slide shut. His body now top-heavy leans ever so slightly towards the door. He can feel his mind begin to fade in time with the strength in his knees. Black pulses at the edges of his half-dimmed vision.


The white of the door fades back in his body straightens - going rigid. His breathing increases no longer shaking - now fast and heavy to match his pounding heart - a sound loud enough to almost completely block the approaching footsteps.

“I thought I heard the door… How was work hon-”

The footsteps stop and he closes his eyes tightly as the silence fills the room once more. He opens his eyes and stares at the red marks on the door. Choking back a sob he clenches his hands into fists to try to stop their shaking as he slowly turns toward his mother.

“I-...” His voice is a choked hoarse whisper - a sound he wasn’t aware he was able to make - a sound not his own. He swallows trying to force away whatever fear stole his voice.

I was on my way home from work. I was waiting to cross the street when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I didn’t know what it was but it screamed - an inhuman scream… And the next thing I know I’m standing in someone’s yard watching as an older woman beats this dog with some type of makeshift chain whip. I didn’t know what to do so I pushed her - I told her to stop… to leave the dog alone. She pushed me out of the way and went back to hitting the dog so I pushed her again and wrestled the whip out of her hand. She looked at me and said something- I don’t remember what- before wiping blood off of her face and walking away. I watched her go until I was sure she wouldn’t come back then dropped the whip and knelt down next to the dog… It was covered in blood and obviously in pain- I didn’t know what to do so I hugged it. And I held onto it as it laid there… As if my arms could somehow save it- I don’t know why I didn’t call for help. I don’t know- …The only thing I could think to do was hug this dog and hold onto it and hope that it would know that I was there… I didn’t… I didn’t want it to think it was alone. So I held on… After some time a car pulled into the driveway. I couldn’t even look up… I kept my head buried in the dog’s fur just- holding on. A man started yelling. I don’t know what he was saying but he was yelling.. And a woman too. Next thing I know I’m being pulled backwards away from the dog and then shoved to the ground. I looked up to see the woman’s face go white as she pushed a small child behind her back. To see the man take a single step backwards and stare in disbelief. I stood then, wanting to explain but finding words impossible. So I stood with my mouth half open as the man yelled and yelled and I watched the dog who was somehow still breathing. I felt a small hand grab mine then and I turned to find the little girl had moved from behind her mother to right in front of me. She looked up at me with a soft smile and tears in her eyes. She hugged my arm and whispered “It’s okay..” in a gently quivering voice. I could only manage to look at this child and try to believe her before her father’s voice filled the air again. In one movement he grabbed the girl’s shoulder, pulled her away from me and pushed her towards her mother who took the two of them inside the house. The man was in my face then yelling and pointing… I still don’t know what he was saying.. I could only stare blankly and barely process the flecks of spit flying from his mouth onto my face. I didn’t even see the woman approach… Her hand was on his shoulder and she was speaking to him between sobs… I didn’t even know if he could hear her but after a moment he let her lead him back towards the house. I met her gaze as she closed the door - she gave me a look I couldn’t place - and then I was left staring at the door… I stayed like that for a while until movement in the window caught my attention… The little girl looked at me from behind the curtain… She gave me a small wave so I waved back.
… I don’t remember the trip home… I don’t remember telling my legs to move or the feeling of them moving… I don’t remember coming home… I only remember the dog… and your voice…

As much as he tries no words seem to escape leaving his mouth hanging open in frustration as he stares at his mother through blurry vision. Without another sound her arms are around him holding him tightly as his tears fall unrelenting with body-shaking sobs. She holds him up as his knees give and he crumples into her. She gently pulls his face into her shoulder to hide her tears from him. She rubs his back and whispers in a voice too strong to be her own “It’s okay… it’s over now… It’ll be alright…”

Prompt: write a scene where one of your characters comes home with blood on their clothes... whoever they live with asks them about it


  • Nov 21, 2022

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